I have a very dry scalp/hair and have tried a great variety of shampoos . Ever since I started using Aveeshi Neem Green Tea shampoo, followed by Aveeshi Green Tea / Aloe Vera conditioner, my scalp feels cleansed and energized. My hair is silky and full of bounce. The conditioner has also revitalized and strengthened my hair follicles.

Shilpa Karri

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Glamorous body rejuvenating massage oils
Ultimate in natural pampering yet
Essential Oils that uplift the mental, emotional and psychological state of the mind
Clear, light , non-greasy with optimal consumption
A masseur's delight gets absorbed and melts into the skin easily

Massage Oils
Lavendar & Ylang Ylang
Rose & Olive
Eucalyptus & Black Pepper


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